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that is a really long story .... to learn the whole thing but the twilight saga official illustrated guide but the sumruyy isa

alice made a lot of predictions as a human everyone right..... anyway 1 day alice made a prediction of someone killing her mom she told her mom not to go out ... her mom did as tolld but a little while after her mom went out in her car thinking everything was ok agaian ten once her mom left alice had a vision of someone mudering her mom (by a car crash) alice went running down the street however she was to late then within 6 months of her moms death the father got a new girlfriend she treated alice horribly then alice saw a vision of her dad giving her moms killer money then a vision of the killer with a knife over alice... so alice ran to her aunts she thought alice was crazy so she put alice in a mental institution (place were u put crazy people) in the mi they did a memory loss surgery thing and the transformed her into a vampire

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