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I don't know about "wampires", but "vampires" are definitely real. Myths and legends aside, the definition of a vampire is an animal that drinks blood. There are lots of people who drink blood, some without the consent of the person, and therefore there are lots of vampires.

Vampires have to wean themselves onto drinking blood, as the human stomach will vomit up a quantity it's not used to. They also still need to consume normal food, as blood cannot provide all the nutrients people need to survive. In fact, people usually don't drink blood unless they have some metabolic (or sometimes mental) deficiency to start with.

Psychic Vampirism is a term used to describe the act of leeching energy from another person. This is colloquial, and is not true vampirism as it does not involve the drinking of blood.

I assume when you say 'wampires' you mean werewolves and vampires? Like said above, vampires are real, but they are just humans or animals with vampiric natures. I have no idea whether werewolves are real.

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