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IDK, because for it to work it you would have to have a male vampire and a female werewolf. But as you see with Leah Clearwater she is unable to have babies because of her also no changing body. Unless she has the power to stop changing into a werewolf and age again. Which is a very hard thing to do and even Sam Uley hasn't gotten to that point yet. But if it were possible do you think the woman would live through it enough to save the baby? I mean even Bella didn't survive and she was carring a half- human, half- vampire child. Only emergency vampirization worked for her, and in Breaking Dawn, it says that vampire venom is poison to werewolves. So wouldn't the mother die either way in the process?

ELABORATING: It may be possible through Jake and Nessie, since even as an infant she was stronger then her [then] human mother Bella, since she had characteristics of her vampire father Edward. It will be interesting to see the outcome if this does happen! she seems to be a equal mixture of both her parents, BUT you need to take under consideration that the "Pack" only surfaces when vampires are present.

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