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I Assume you mean Shape-shifters as they are refered to in the Twilight Saga. The short answer is No they do not live forever. Long answer, If not killed by natural means, they will not age until they decide to no longer phase or shape shift. When they stop the continuous process they begin to age like everyone else. In New Moon the example was giving of the Great Chief who decided to age with his third wife, he gave up shape shifting. When the village was attacked he was left with no choice but to phase to his animal form his shape shifted form was of an older wolf. In most Native lore, shape shifting is a spiritual journey, in twilight it seems more DNA related the ability passed down through the chiefs lineage but activated by the proximity of their enemy the Vampire. At no time do we learn of any meditations or spiritual ceremonies done in regards to their changing although it is implied from the "stories they all knew." Sam was first to change and was alone until Old Quil recognized the signs in him, mainly his body temperature and sudden growth. The Elders met together with him and they we was told the old stories. Sam then helped the others as they began to change. We are not told what this entailed. If they do live as a werewolf forever they will never die. yes they do

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