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Because she is true love and right lady to edward and he wants her because of Bella's cool things of belly rings and belly chains, four piercings and her beauty in her hair and face, cool and helpful and fashion clothes and jewelry. he loves her because she loves him too! she thinks he is handsome, hot sexy, had fuck things, is protective of her, loves her deeply, wants her and he is right guys to her and important to her and he is true love to her. and she has true feelings for him in second time when edward fall for bella and has feelings for her in true love and she doesn't him to alone or lonely as he lost his family, but he has bella only and everything like her soul, her body, her skin, her feelings, her life, her heart, her boobs, her naked, her relationships, and he saw her hot sexy naked as he sex with her many times and bella also saw edward's hot sexy naked while she sex with him many times!.

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