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Teenage girl moves to live with her father after he mother remarries. Falls in love with a fellow student who just happens to be a mind reading, 103 year old vampire. Oddly enough, he can't read her mind. He stalks her and watches her sleep. She falls deeper in love. He constantly tells her how much he wants to kill her and drink her blood and how hard it is for him not to kill her and drink her blood. But he won't because he is a 'vegetarian vampire'. She falls deeper in love. She meets his family and starts asking to be turned into a vampire to be with him for eternity. They play vampire baseball. Bad vampires show up. Ones who want to eat her. They flee with her to keep her save but she thinks bad vampires have her mother so instead of asking the seven good vampires to help save her mom from the one bad vampire, she runs into a trap by said bad vampire - who doesn't actually have her mom. She's bitten, but saved when the venom is sucked out. The go to the prom. She whines that she wants to be turned into a vampire. He says no. The End.

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