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I'm sorry I can't understand that question.

There is no character by the name of Damian in the novel version of Breaking Dawn. So that would be a mistake on IMDB's part. Update: there is a character by Damian in book two of Breaking Dawn. He's in the park with Jacob, and becomes his best bud. Read up, Clam Ramps!!!

Actually, no there is no character called Damien. In book 2 Jacob doesn't go to the park he goes to the mall and meets Lizzie

Actually no again. There is no character named Damien in any part of Breaking Dawn the book or in Breaking Dawn Part 1 the movie. Jacob does not go to the mall, he considers it then decides that he doesn't want a girl who spends all her time at a mall and goes to the park instead where Lizzie introduces herself and makes the assumption that he has stolen the Aston Martin Vanquish that he is leaning up against.

Actually no again, nowhere in Breaking Dawn, the twilight saga,is there a Damian, Jacob never goes to the park or the mall. Watch the movie or read the book again

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