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He thinks vampires have no soul, and he loves Bella so much, why would he want her to lose her soul? Besides, many vampires, Rosalie included, have so many things they wanted to do with their life, that are just impossible to do when you are a vampire, for example, having a baby, growing up, getting a proffesional job, or particpating in sports, without cheating, that is. Plus there is the fact, that they have to control themselves if they don't want to eat their classmates. In Edwards mind, we have all these reasons to not change Bella, and only three reasons to do it: 1)He could be with her without worrying about hurting her physically. 2)They could be together forever. 3) Bella wants to. The first makes him feel selfish, because he feels he should have better self-control. The second is ruled out, because he thinks it is selfish of him to want that. The third is ruled out, because she really doesn't know what she is getting herself into. Do you see his dilemma? Of not, you really need glasses;)

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